Links to a Landscape at The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery

The Potteries Museum & Art GalleryThe landscapes of North Staffordshire are the focus of a new exhibition at The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery opening on 5 March.

The exploration traces the effects of various natural and social conditions on the cultural output of Staffordshire artists and other creators. Visitors can examine artifacts spanning from the early history of the area through contemporary pieces, including a number of objects which have never been displayed before. Media represented include sculpture, carpentry, painting, photography, and literature, and include pieces by Reginald Haggar, Gilbert Ledward, and Edmund de Waal.

The Museum, located in the centre of Stoke-on-Trent, is open from 10:00a to 5:00p Mon-Sat and 11:00a to 4:00p Sunday. Admission is free.