Meet the ‘Fairy Man’ at Trentham Gardens on 25th October

Everyone knows that fairies live at the bottom of gardens and Trentham Gardens is no different.

The Fairies at Trentham live around the beautiful mile-long lake, through the woodland, maze and gardens. Each of the 15 fairies are different, some bold, some shy some easy to spot and others hiding. Now a new fairy has flown in, having fun in the brand new giant dandelions ‘Spring’ wants to leap from one giant dandelion to another.

fairy-manLocal artist Robin Wight ( was inspired to bring these amazing fairies to life using galvanised and stainless steel wire by a real life encounter. The new giant dandelions, home to ‘Spring’ were created by his daughter Amy Wight.

Come and meet Robin the “Fairy Man” and Amy, his “Dandelion Daughter” at Trentham Gardens on 25 October 2015.

Get inspired and watch Trentham Gardens Fairy film and see if wishes really do come true at Trentham Gardens.

The fairy trail is included in the price charged for garden admission.